6.0 Marshmellow


Android 6.0 is rolling out globally and Samsung, LG, HTC, OnePlus, Asus, Google, Huawei Motorola, and others have rolled the update. It is a refinement of Android Lollipop functionality and was announced on May 28th by Google but officially named Android Marshmallow on 17th of August.

Android Marshmallow supports backup features that automatically uploads information and data of the application and enable easy restoration for settings to the cloud. It introduces visual change with Google’s Material Design with a whole new redesigned home screen with a beautiful new Google logo. Apps appear on icon location and users can uninstall an app from their home screen. The most important update in Android 6.0 is Now on Tap that allows you to tap and press down the home button while on any app. It scans the screen and gives you suggested links, search, and information. The content will be read by Android and sent to Google’s server which will try and give your contextual and useful information after parsing the data. However, it needs some great improvement.

Android 6.0 introduces new privacy and security function reengineered to give you tools to stay safe while using your handset. It has the capability of choosing what permission each application has access to, or whether to revoke it. It comes with 200 new emoji and a Doze an intelligent battery management feature that enters into hibernation mode when it realizes your handset is not in use. Marshmallow also supports reverse charging and USB Type-C that can handle a bidirectional transfer of data. It introduces a fingerprint sensor support for unlocking phone, Android Pay the native mobile payment platforms for android and app launching.

Marshmallow brings better performance than Lollipop. It is the best android version Google had to offer; its slicker, faster, more user-friendly and longer lasting. Should you update it? Yes, users should install the update and try the Google now Launcher and experience the new features including Doze mode, Now on Tap, and improved app permission.

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