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7 Medical Apps



It is the number one medical reference app that offers you with the prescription and safe information for every drug in the market today. It has a premium and a free version with 50% access to its database. It’s health care research updates and Medical news feed and potentially ascertain possible harmful drug interaction. You also get a full guide of infectious diseases and identify drugs by physical characteristics or the imprint code.


This is an app used by doctors for the social network. The app if free to download, and allows doctors to send and receive HIPAA safe faxes through the Android and iOS version of mobile phones, follow trending news and communicate with other doctors in regard to medical matters. Colleagues, co-resident, and former classmates can connect and look for opportunities in other health institution through Doximity. More than 500, 000 Healthcare professional uses Doximity today and can interact with others across the country.

Medscape app

This app is developed by WebMD with reliable information of Medical information. The app is free and contains a database that holds more than 4,000 medical conditions information. Medscape has a full guide of the condition, disease, and drug reference, video lesson to perform clinical procedures, Medical dictionary, and medical news. The app provides viable learning resources for professional doctors, students, and people who lack medical background.

Red Cross First Aid application

It is developed by the American Red Cross that helps users to navigate through real emergencies. The app has a step-by-step full guide of everyday first aid scenarios, interactive tests, learning modules, integrated with 911 and safety guiding tips for natural disasters. The app is suitable for outdoor adventure or traveling to other countries. All information is stored on your phone, but the app doesn’t require internet access.

Mobile MIM app

This is a diagnostic app with real-time imaging capability. Professional personnel can use this app to work away from their stationed office and diagnose images anyplace anytime of the day. Imaging professional can review ultrasounds and X-rays and enable them to download the information or burn it to a CD. Mobile MIM app users can keep all information on the local network and can send it to a more secure MIM cloud.

MyChart app

This app allows anyone to access medical record phone on their mobile phone at any particular time. It gives you the prescription you are taking, what vaccination you are taking and the last visit made to the doctor. A patient can send a message to the hospital which will be replied within some few days, or schedule an appointment directly from your phone.


UpToDate is an app for medical professional, students studying medicine or any other people interested in medicine news. It is a great app to keep track of the trending medical news. Users can search specific topics or examine the headlines. It also provides medical procedure videos and allows you to communicate with a fellow colleague on any page.


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