Apple Unleashes Support App


Over the past couple of years, Apple has surprised us with the latest innovation in technology. From their products to their apps, there are a lot of reasons why the company stayed on top. Their innovative features always come at the time when we need them the most. However, there’s one particular thing they haven’t done yet, and that is an interactive support app for its customers.  A tech support app would be great, especially if your device starts acting up. If you are an Apple user then I’m pretty sure you know how much of a hassle that is especially if you only need a quick fix. Thankfully, the tech company has heard our cries and just recently released their first ever support app where you can ask questions from experts and even schedule a visit to one of their service stores.

Just a few days ago, the company released their “Apple Support” app in The Netherlands. Although some of the features in it were previously available in their Apple Store app, they have since been removed. The new Apple Support program came in with tons of new options that can help any user with their problem. One of the most notable things about it is that it has the ability to help any customer find the right kind of hardware support they’ll need with the use of their Apple ID. Aside from that, the new Apple Support app also allows any customer to schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

Apple also boasts that the support app allows any user to call or chat with an expert to get the solution to their technical problems right away whether it’s in their iPads, Mac or even their iPhone. You can even schedule a call back if you’re not at a convenient time yet.

Although the support app is only available in The Netherlands the moment, it can be expected that it will hit the U.S. store anytime soon.

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