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The first version of Apple Watch was announced by apple 2 years ago.  The Apple Watch Series 2 finally arrives after the Series was 1 was introduced 18 months ago. Both are almost the same but Series 2 watch version is more reliable, faster, brighter display with an upgraded OS and is much better for outdoor sports.

The watch has new latest software called watch OS 3.  The new Os comes with an added feature of an added GPS chip, new brighter display, waterproofing capability with a minimum distance of 50-meters (164 feet), improved computing processor and new faster GPU graphics. After every few hours, it prompts you to lean back and take a few breaths. It gives you your heart rate after every session of sport and makes you feel relaxed. The Watch Series 2 can last two days and can track around 6 hours of running.

It has an S2 SIP system package that has a new duo core CPU, the special speaker system that handles water and a larger battery.  The bigger battery will compensate the brighter display and the GPS.  However, the battery life is limited by the music playback and heart rate monitor.  The new system package (S2 SIP) will make the watch more brisk and responsive than the initial Apple Watch. To prepare the Watch for going under the water, you have to select either pool swim or Open Water Swim option. It taps your wrist to seek attention and anyone can answer their phone calls through the watch.

The watch will be available from September 16 with a price ranging from $369 in the US, AU$529 in Australia, and £369 in the UK for a 38mm version. If you are wondering what smart watches can offer in terms of functionality and fitness to make work easier without carrying your phone throughout the day, then Apple Watch Series 2 is a great and recommendable choice for you.

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