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Comcast confirms plans to launch mobile phone service in 2017

Everybody loves Comcast because their business means business – they are such a good cable service provider. Sooner than later, you can enjoy a wider range of service from Comcast as it launches its MVNO service combining Wi-Fi and the internet data services of Verizon LTE.

Comcast has recently announced its rumored plans of launching its very own Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO service. During an investors’ conference, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts announced the launching of Comcast network by 2nd to 3rd quarter of 2017, which will largely focus on Wi-Fi hotspots, which is close to the Google Project Fi. When Wi-Fi connections are not available, Verizon Wireless network will run Comcast’s service.

However, Roberts failed to elaborate on other details such as the pricing, only stating that the company will be aiming on the mobile solution of its existing cable customers. The plan is probably molded from AT&T’s DirecTV satellite service, which allows DirecTV subscribers to have unlimited data access.

Comcast says that Xfinity Wi-Fi has over 14 million hotspots around the country, which is a great start for the upcoming mobile service. These include public hotspots, such as parks and coffee shops; and other hotspots that are powered by the actual customers’ routers in their homes, which have optional “guest mode”, that allows sharing the internet connection to those nearby.

In July this year, Greg Butz was promoted as Comcast executive, leading the pioneering team of Comcast Mobile division. FUrthermore, the company also showed interest in Federal Communications Commission’s 600MHz auction. The partnership of Verizon and Comcast can be traced back from 2012.

Are you one of those who will be availing this service from Comcast? If so, do you think they can provide a great service in terms of MVNO? Let’s wait and see until this thing finally happens.

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