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Few months after releasing Facebook Stories on FB Messenger to select countries, the social media giant has finally decided to have a wider release so the rest of world can enjoy their very Snapchat-esque feature. Stories is a feature that originated from Snapchat. It gives the user the ability to compile photos and videos into one album where they will be visible to public for 24 hours and then they’re gone forever. Late last year, Facebook has released the feature with an altered name on their Messenger app and made it available for handpicked countries. A couple months of later, they now also integrated it on the Facebook platform app itself, making it accessible through the News Feed.

It can be remembered that Facebook-owned apps such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp received the story update late last year. The feature which is a mere copy of Snapchat’s Stories became such a hit that the company succeeded in having millions and millions of users glued once again to their apps. But Facebook’s latest move to integrate it with the News Feed proved to be their boldest decision yet when it comes to completely mimic things that made Snapchat famous.

Gone are the days where you’ll see the status box and the newest posts at the very top of your news feed. What’s going to greet your eyes now is a group of tiny circles with your Facebook friends’ faces in them. Just like Instagram stories, tap them once and they will play. Facebook also published their version of ‘Direct messaging’ feature which was previously seen from Snapchat and Instagram.

Facebook’s latest update caused mixed to negative reactions among users. Some pointed out that the company had given up developing original and exciting features. Others became worried that Facebook is becoming a little too crowded with the arrival of the new additions.

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