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Galaxy Note 7


Most new phones lack something, and in some cases everything. Samsung mind you, stands out as one of the few that seem to put out one successful handset after another. With their hardware being produced in house, they seem to have a better grasp on what the public wants.

Their is no doubt the Galaxy S smartphone is the driving force behind Samsung’s successful telecommunications business. But let’t not quickly dismiss the company’s  Note series. It began as an almost experiment just before 2012, but with constant and effective updates year after year it has maintained a competitor in the market. Many people seem to like the cross over between a mobile phone and tablet.

With several successful launches of the Galaxy S7 and S7, the power of the Samsung brand seem eager to let the world have a look at the new Note 7.

Why is it the Note 7 and not Note 6? Ask Samsung.

Expect wonders from this little big phone once released.

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