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Galaxy S8/Edge: Early Review

galaxy s8

It wasn’t so long ago when everyone woke up to some spoilers brought by various tech sites about Samsung’s new mobile units, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. VentureBeat’s Evan Blass previously tweeted information and pictures about the latest product of the giant South Korean tech company. He revealed important specifications and the said announcement date to his eager followers. Everyone thought that was it, but just a couple of days ago; he came back and released a few more details about the new Samsung handsets.

It has been previously confirmed that Samsung will not join this year’s Mobile World Congress and instead aim for a March 29 reveal date at a separate event in New York. Some of Blass’s previous unconfirmed leaks include Samsung releases two versions at the same time, a bezel-less, dual curved display for the S8 edge, their sizes and battery capacities. Although not all of these have been confirmed yet, recent reports and newly established rumors solidified Blass’s claims.

Just a few days ago, the infamous mobile leaker rejuvenated public’s interest on the phone by confirming the display sizes will really be 5.8 and 6.2 inches. He also revealed that the company has decided to drop the S8 Edge tag for their bigger phone and will instead replace it with S8 + . Blass backed up the claim by posting a photo where the S8 + logo can clearly be seen.

New reports also showed that these phones will not have a home button. They are also expected to have a side button dedicated to Samsung’s AI named Bixby.  Reports about the battery capacity as well remained constant. With S8 having 3000 mAh and S8+ with 3500 mAh.

Though Samsung has confirmed that they will not be releasing the new handsets on the upcoming MWC, rumors revealed that a teaser video for the S8 and S8 + phones will be shown towards the end of the conference.

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