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Google launches its best VR app for iOS

Google always releases the best apps to the iOS before they’re launched on android. Although the app has been exclusive to Android for quite some time Google has launched a new iOS app for the clipboard. The app is available on Apple Store for iPhone user.

The cardboard camera takes 360-degree photos with complete sound is now available in iPhone. The VR images taken with this camera are three-dimensional panoramas in virtual reality. You can hear sound recorded while taking the image to hear and feel the moment the exact way it happened and explore the photo in all directions. The user has to turn around while taking the picture to take a panorama photo. The taken images will appear in 3D.

Under any video selecting the small cardboard icon, a user watches a 360-degree video in virtual reality or watches the video in VR environment. With Google cardboard, most people will be able to experience mobile virtual reality.

Cardboard depends on the affordable shell with particularized lenses, to do heavy lifting using your iPhone. IPhone will slide and strap in and the image will be split into two halves once you fire up a game or a compatible app. You don’t require the core Cardboard to use the cardboard viewer. The VR app can work severally without the Google’s main app being installed. IPhone users can create their photo album in virtual reality and easily share through email and post them on the web to share the moment.

You can choose from Exhibit, Arctic Journey, Explorer, and Kaleidoscope. With exhibit, you can view 3D images and with explorer, you can explore exciting new environments. You can also view street images in 3D with realism to the whole view. So Install the VR cardboard camera app from Apple store to capture and relive moments that matters most to you.

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