Google Home Needs Personality

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The future is here, so you need to ask yourself, what type of personality would you want your virtual home to have?

We’re in the early phases of Google Assistant and Google Home. Hours, truly, after they both were reported at the yearly Google designer meeting.

Just out of Google’s inquiry stage, going past simply returning results, Home is a level above logical processing (which itself was a tentpole of a past I/O). Home is the apparatus on which Google will assist and coordinate itself into — well, into your home. It’s certainly a Google-looking item. You can see likenesses in the mechanical configuration that you additionally find in Google’s adorable minimal self-driving autos, trust it or not.

Correlations with Amazon’s Echo speaker are, obviously, adept. Reverberation (or Alexa, on the off chance that you lean toward) is an associated item that is fairly shrewd and can do things and answer questions — and it continues to become more witty. Google Home has apparently sold 3 million units in the eighteen months since its release.

Despite it all, Google’s Assistant and Home need are still lacking an identity…we can always just give them a British accent.

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