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HP Elite X3

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Will this be the Windows 10 flagship phone, after all it is equipped with Snapdragon 820. The X3, the newest in the HP Elite series from Windows has a rather large 6″ plastic screen. It seems to act as both a laptop and even desktop with Continuum.

Its evident this was built with business folk in mind, using the new and improved Snapdragon 820 power processor.

The Continuum feature is backed by full support from windows 10, which is beyond convenient. Looking at your phone you will see a larger displays without much hassle at all. HP goes a step further and brings to the table the Desk Dock, this lets you project anything from your phone onto a larger device with its display port. That’s just one of many available accessories for this soon to be hit phone.

Not for the everyday man, but essential for the busy businessman.

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