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HTC’s New Phone Leaked

htc new phone

The Taiwanese phone manufacturing company has spent the past few , releasing newer versions of their HTC One unit that made its debut last 2013. And even though these handsets did not make it as big as the iPhone, Oppo and Samsung releases, loyal HTC fans still clamored for more. Thankfully, they got what they wanted because the company has produced the new HTC U phone and it’s going to be released as early as next month. And as expected, interesting information about it has been leaked onto the internet.

It was late last year when reports about a certain HTC phone model called Ocean made loyal followers of the brand excited. And though that never materialized, there have been claims that it is the code name for the HTC U phone. According to Evan Blass, infamous mobile leaker, the new HTC handset will have a touch and a pressure sensitive frame. The integration of this feature means that there will be no more power, volume up and volume down buttons at the side of the phone. And smooth button-less edges will make it easier to have that no-bezel design that giant companies like Samsung are trying to have.  Meanwhile, a Weibu user named Ann Bunny also leaked information about HTC’s newest product with the use of an AnTuTu Benchmark test list. Included in this list are some of the juiciest specifications that will make the HTC U a gadget must have.

According to the leaked information, the product will have HTC Sense 9 Interface, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Android 7.1 software. Aside from that, the HTC U handset will come with a 5.5 inch FULL HD screen, 16mp rear camera partnered with a 12mp selfie cam. It will also be packed with 4GB ROM and 4GB ROM. Rumor has it that the battery will have a capacity of 3000mah. Blass and Bunny’s claims will be proven true or false once the company will unleash their HTC U phone next month.

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