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HTCs Smartwatch?

htc smartwatch

Avid fans everywhere have been waiting for the heavily rumored and highly anticipated HTC smartwatch to finally be released in the market. And over the past few weeks, the rumors came back and started getting heavy again after a supposed photo of an Under Armour X HTC labeled prototype watch went viral. But after weeks of frantic thinking about when it might be dropped, the tech giant denied the rumors and said that they are not going to release a smartwatch anytime soon.

The rumor about HTC’S smartwatch started last summer of 2014 when a square-shaped android watch was seen in the company’s design presentation. And since then, avid HTC users everywhere are holding on to the possibility that the company will release their first wearable technology bid for everyone to enjoy. But that never happened.

It has been three years since the birth of that rumor, but still people are going nuts over the idea of owning an HTC made smartwatch . Even after getting teased many times with pictures and supposed prototype names, any rumor about it remained as valuable news to their loyal subscribers.

According to a statement released by the Android Police, HTC’s President for  Smartphones and Connected Devices, Chialin Chang said that the company is not developing their first ever smartwatch product. Chang explained that he thinks they still don’t have the right amount of experience to be a smartwatch manufacturer. He even pointed out how tricky the android watch market is before repeating that no android watch can be expected from them anytime soon. Though the statement fairly ended all the supposed noise about the long overdue HTC smartwatch, some fans are still holding on hoping that the company will get to their senses and finally join the android watch business in the near future.

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