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Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0


The Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 is a 10-inch tablet that has average performance in general. Here’s a rundown of its pros and cons:




  • The fingerprint scanner is accurate and reads quickly.
  • Audio quality is decent
  • Long battery life great for video streaming




  • Average camera
  • Resolution display not that great
  • Glitches on notifications, particularly in Google apps
  • Still ships in Android 5.1


MediaPad M2 in a Glance

The Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 is a huge tablet with average performance. It can work as a media storage and playback slate well enough, but overall, the performance can be considered average. And to make everything worse, the tablet still ships with Android 5.1 Lollipop, which is a cardinal sin at this age.

Honestly, we do not know what it really is. It is sized at 10.1 inches, yet it claims to be a phone. But of course, since we can use it as a phone, it will call itself a phone… or a phablet, in that matter.

The average camera quality makes it less likely to attract selfiecentrics, but maybe enough for those who just want something to use on video calls. Media playback may be the main purpose of this tablet, still, the resolution display is not that great. Nonetheless, the audio quality  may not be topnotch, but can still compete with others within the range. It has fingerprint scanner, which is surprisingly fast and accurate. The long battery life makes it an ideal device for video streaming.

All in all, the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 is just an average tablet. It does things, yes, but for people who like their tablets to be their driver, this thing is not for you. Loves movies and video streaming? Contented with a tablet that do the basic works? You can probably enjoy having the M2.


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