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iMessage’s new features on iOS 10:

iOS 10 introduced new changes in iMessage that fall into two categories the fun stuff where you get full accessibility of stickers apps and the traditional app integration (Venmo). The traditional app allows you to access features of a particular app within Messages.

You can get the app by opening the app store icon adjacent to the text box in Messages. Open a message you wish to send, press the send button that appears like an upward arrows, select the screen tab and swipe to left to take effects you want to apply and finally hit the send button to send the message.

With iMessage,  you can throw fireworks, balloons, and confetti on your screen, use sticker packs and apps, use the new improved emojis where words are represented as emoji, better read receipt control, you can link previews in messages, send tips,  handwritten notes, draw on photos, take pictures from messages. iMessage has a tap back feature that visually and quickly responds to a message, allowing you to heart the message, thumbs down or thumbs up to a message. You get the interactive message and identify conversation participants. The Bubble effects are Slam, Gentle, Invisible Ink and Loud

To emphasize your text, a full screen iMessage animation can also be added. To add this, the user has to add and press the blue arrow button, swipe to the left to get the animations effect. It can also hide images or content behind invisible messages, Users can search videos and images directly through images. When pasting web links to a message, the recipient can see the preview of the page because iMessage automatically pulls the image directly from the web page.  One can also listen to Apple music forthwith in Messages. You can send the Apple Music directly from your message to your recipient.

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