iPhone 7 Finally Revealed


Well it wasn’t exactly the unveiling Apple was hoping for, as an internal error somehow tweeted the new iPhone 7 on Apple’s twitter account before Tim Cook even took the stage. Although the tweets were quickly removed the damage was already done as many news outlets around the globe quickly picked up the story. Tim Cook claims its the best iPhone they have ever released, and he’s probably right. The official release date is September 16th, but pre orders have begun for those looking to either upgrade or jump ship from the android OS. With prices starting at $649 US for a 32GB (they’ve omitted the 16GB) you should need some pretty good reasons to lighten your wallet that much.

So what is all the fuss about? Well the biggest thing is the fact that it is now splash and water resistant. This doesn’t mean you can take it swimming with you. But it does mean that having it out in the rain or by your side as you shower will be completely safe. If you even accidentally drop it in the toilet bowl (we all have) put scoop it up quick enough you should be fine as well.

It also has the best performance chip ever inserted into the apple brand as well as arguably the best camera ever on any smartphone to date. 

If you want one you better pre order today as the demand for this new phone is expected to be even higher then normal. Aside from the 32GB, you can pick up the 128 GB version or the 256GB for $749 and $849 US respectively.

Oh, and yes the phone jack is gone. I’m really not making a huge deal about this. Bluetooth is taking over, Apple just decided to speed up the process.

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