iPhone 8: Worth The Fuss?

iphone 8

It has been many months since rumors about a certain iPhone8 or iPhoneX have surfaced. And since then, avid Apple fans everywhere just couldn’t wait for the model to be released. But as more reports became available, the public’s perception about what it could really become a bit clouded. Thankfully, a series of new rumors about its specs have been leaked onto the internet. This latest development sets Apple users everywhere into a full on manic mode.

One of the most remarkable changes that are rumored to be implemented on the new iPhone handset is wireless charging. If the reports were true, this will be the first phone that will have such feature. The unit is likely to have a 5.8 inch OLED display, which should be in mid-range in size comparison to its predecessors. Other important leaked details are a curved edge display (S8 edge anyone?), no physical home buttons with a glass and steel case.  Another impressive rumor about the new product is there as an iris scanner. It is not exactly a gah-worthy feature since companies like Samsung and Microsoft have already featured this function, but it will be the first for them.

But there’s one thing that made everyone react. The price for the new iPhone handset is said to be at $1,000 dollars, an all-time high for the mobile company that is notorious for making expensive smart phones. Apple is also said to be in the planning stage of introducing a new connector type solely exclusively to their gadget products.

Another juicy rumor about Apple this year is that they will be releasing three handsets. The first two are iPhone7s and iPhone7s plus. The third one is the iPhone8 or as some people claim, the iPhone X. None of these handsets were yet confirmed by the company and they have left no comment regarding the leaks that were made on iPhone8.

Since these rumors are still unconfirmed, the public will still have to wait and guess whether the company will put up all the shots or not. But given their history of letting many people down and causing mixed reactions among their buyers, not getting your hopes high would seem like the best advice to do so at the moment.

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