iPhone’s 10th Anniversary


A Better Phone to Mark iPhone’s 10th Anniversary Next Year?

iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. We all know that iPhone 7 isn’t all that great, so we might as well wait for that 10th anniversary phone.

Why Wait When There’s the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7, which looks like the 2014 iPhone 6, is comparatively harder to manage than the (recalled) Galaxy Note 7 and not to mention the newly-released Apple product has thick bezels to begin with. The new iPhone’s design looks dated, with its jet black color and scratch-prone design.

Plus, Apple just decided to remove the headphone jack, requiring you to buy $159 AirPods if you want to look cool, or maybe you will have to use your old and ugly Lightning EarPods if you want to keep the dollars for yourself.

Since we are yet to review the iPhone 7, we gathered some information from reviews of other owners. They say that there are design flaws, like the home button for example. Users complain that it seems like they are clicking the phone’s whole bottom when they press on the home button. Well, it sounds like a good idea to let this half-baked thing pass and wait for next year’s release.

The Anniversary iPhone – What to Expect

For sure, on iPhone’s 10th anniversary, there would be more accessories available, and of course, a new, better (if not the best) phone would be released.

Regardless of what they will call the “10th Anniversary phone”, it will surely have a state-of-the-art design. Apple would surely lose a fraction of its followers if they fail us next year. Some experts agree that the 10th year iPhone will have a lot of features, such as an OLED panel, Iris Engine, virtual buttons, and scratch-proof, ceramic finish.

We are not stopping you to buy the iPhone 7. We are only giving you the idea that when iPhone marks its 10th anniversary next year, it will be big. And great things come to those who wait.

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