LG V20 Launched

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LG has just released what has long been stated as its newest flagship device, the LG V20. So far so good.

This newest release from the LG family is the first of its kind to be working on Android Nougat. The thing people love here is that it allows you to use Goggles’ In Aps service with total ease.

Like most of its high end competitors (one word…7) it of course comes equipped with an enhanced and reliable fingerprint sensor. Its body consists mostly of a light aluminum and it also comes equipped with a high end camera both front (5MP) and back (16MP). The new camera uses a hybrid auto focus.  Without getting too technical on its little built in sound system, lets just say it’s loud and its clear. You can pick it up in either Silver, Pink or the all mighty Titan. Sizes to choose from are either the 5.7 or much smaller 2.1 inch display.

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