LG V5 Details Leaked


The mobile giant has already given us a bunch of swoon-worthy phones, but now it looks like more is coming our way. Just a few days ago, reports regarding a new LG mobile unit have surfaced on the internet. And the said reports all pointed to the much anticipated LG V5 phone.

Due to the overwhelming success of LG V10 and LGV20, the pressure is on for the V5 to deliver at the same level. However, since more details about the rumored new phone have already been leaked online, it was categorized on the mid-range smart phone category instead.

Last October, tech blog site OnLeaks first revealed that the mobile company is working on a new phone that will be called LG VG. And exactly two months later, they released more info about the anticipated product. Basing on the images that were released, the new LG V5 phone will have a 5.3 inch HD display screen. Aside from that, it will also have curved back panel, which will be made out of plastic.

Other notable specifications are the 3.5 mm jack, a fingerprint scanner and micro-USB support for added functionality. Many are hoping that LG will officially unveil the product in the upcoming MWC event instead of a bigger gathering like the Consumer Event which will be held next year in Barcelona, Spain.

Tech site Gear has also expressed concern whether the product will be named LG V5. They also said that there’s a huge chance it will be addressed as either LG V1 or LG LV5. To make things even more confusing there are also reports that the pictures released by OnLeaks do not actually show the V5 phone and instead, a different unit. People will just have to patiently wait to see whether it’s true or not. Another rumored LG phone that will be released soon is the LG G6.

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