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Louis Vuitton iPhone7 Case

louis vatton case

When fashion meets technology, that’s exactly what happened when one of the world’s most famous fashion houses made phone cases for the world’s most popular mobile brand.  The luxury fashion name already made some news before when they manufactured $330 dollar iPhone 6 cases made out of leather with their trademark logo all over it. Now, Luis Vuitton has once again caused a worldwide buzz by releasing a collection of phone cases for the iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus units. But here’s the catch, the least expensive one is $1,180 dollars.

Just a few days ago, the fashion brand unleashed a set of new cases for iPhone’s latest handsets. The collection is called the Eye Trunk. These cases didn’t only capture the world’s attention with their hefty price but also with their lavish details. The two most phone cases were made out of gold-colored crocodile leather.  They also have four metal, hard corners and a latch, making them look like a really expensive vintage clothes trunk.

The price of the infamous iPhone7 plus case is at $5,500 dollars. That price will surely poke a huge hole in your pocket. And to help you get more idea on how expensive it is, it costs just about the same as SEVEN iPhone7 plus units.

There’s also a similar but smaller case for iPhone7, it comes with a price tag of $5,050 dollars. If these are way out of your budget, then you could settle for their cheaper versions. Same design, but made out of their traditional leather and logo stamps. The iPhone7 case stands at around $1,180 dollars while it is bigger counterpart is at $1,250. Louis Vuitton released these cases as an homage to where they’ve come from and what they’ve been known for, making trunks.

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