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Microsoft Surface Pro 4


We all heard the success of the Surface Pro 3, and now that the successor has rolled out, maybe it is time for the Surface Pro 4 to impress us. Does it have what it takes to unseat the Pro 3 from its rightful place? Let us see:

Compared to the Pro 3’s Type Cover, the Type Cover of the Surface Pro 4 is greatly improved and can offer an “almost laptop” typing experience. The upgraded resolution and the PixelSense, its new optical technology, paired with 100% sRGB color, provides the tablet very high quality display.

What we disliked about the Surface Pro 4 is that the Type Cover is still not included in the set. Doing this spoils the idea that this tablet can replace your laptop. It is ridiculous to spend more or less $100 more for the keyboard option of the tablet that claims to be a laptop, too. Plus, one more negative thing is the battery life is below average. So how can we use it as our laptop if the battery will die on us after a few hours?

So, is Surface Pro 4 impressive? Yes, of course, there are impressive points here and there, such as the typing and penning experience which are greatly improved. The screen resolution is a knockout and the processing speed is topnotch, so yes, maybe we can see beyond the below average battery power.

It may not live into its claim that it can replace your laptop, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can be an ideal device for artists, creatives, and students, as well.

Microsoft may have applied their best to this tablet. It can easily be one’s daily driver, thanks to the outstanding speed and display quality, not to mention its durability, maybe all these features can make charging the device more often worth it.


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