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If you’re an Apple Smart-watch user then you already know the struggle of having to wirelessly pair it with your iPhone unit just to make it work. Aside from that, you must also have to keep the phone with you at all times so the connection between the two devices won’t get disrupted.  Though these things may not be that much big of a deal, they can still affect the overall experience. But thankfully, it looks like things are about to change. Because recently, it was revealed that Apple is planning to manufacture a smartwatch that can connect straight to the mobile network instead of the unit.

A few days ago, Bloomberg Technology reported that Apple is already in the planning stages of producing a cellular version of their smartwatch.  This latest version will allow the smartwatch to connect directly to the mobile network instead of the unit itself. This means your iPhone will no longer have to be within range for the smart-watch to work, you can leave your Smartphone at home and go wherever you wish.  It was also mentioned that Intel Corp. will provide the LTE chips that are going to be used on the latest Apple watch version.  It can be remembered that Qualcomm Inc. used to be iPhone’s primary chip supplier. But since the two have recently been having a go at each other through lawsuits and legal disputes, Apple decided to list Intel as their modem supplier for the project.

The report also revealed that Apple already reached out to various carrier companies in U.S. and Europe to help them sell Apple Watch’s new version. In fact, popular mobile networks such as AT&T Inc., Sprint Corp, and Verizon have all agreed to sell the product in the U.S. once it gets released. The new Apple watch is expected to hit the market later this year.

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