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Nokia to Come Back With Its Own Line of Android Phone

Two years after Nokia brand has thrown the white towel to Samsung and Apple and sold its mobile phone business, the Finnish company is now set for a comeback. The company once dominated the mobile phone scene but was crushed after Apple launched its iPhone and Google Android has become a hit.

The Finnish company won’t be releasing any investment in this project, but will be collecting around $500 million from intellectual property rights and brand licensing from HMD Global Oy, which is run by former managers of Nokia.

The project, which is mainly Android phones and tablets, is soon to be launched at the last quarter of this year. According to rumors, there are two Nokia  Android phones set to release, which are sized 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch respectively. The phones are said to boast 2K resolution displays plus IP68 certification, meaning they will be similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge when it comes to resistance to dust and water.

The phones will not be made at the plants where the earlier Nokia smartphones were manufactured. The deal includes manufacturing of the Android phones by HMD Global. Nokia has granted full exclusive license to HMD Global in creating Nokia-branded tablets and mobile phones for the next ten years.

According to Annette Zimmermann, a smartphone analyst from Gartner, it would still be a challenge for Nokia, even if it is a popular brand name. It would be hard to shake up the current mobile phone market and have more exciting things to offer which can make the consumers interested.

We are all excited to see how great will the new Nokia Android phone be, since Nokia was considered the best cell phones in terms of hardware back then. Do you think Nokia will rebuild its name again?


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