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Pokemon Go Causing Trouble

Pokemon Go hands on

Pokemon Go is clearly a global sensation at this point, but it’s caused some trouble along its path to success. In case you’ve been living in a cave, the mega hit game allows players to move through the real world to capture Pokémon.


Sonny Truyen, a gamer that just moved to Singapore – where Pokémon Go isn’t yet accessible lost his job over the game. But it was his own stupidity and ignorance that caused him to be unemployed.

Clearly troubled at not being able to play the new expanded reality game, he took to Facebook.

“You can’t fu***** get pokemon in this  fu***** poo nation,” Truyen ranted, clearly clueles that the absence of the game has more to do with the developer then the country of Singapore.

With all the buildup encompassing the new game, Truyen, an avid fan already was obviously in bits when he understood he couldn’t get hold of it in Singapore.

Irritated by the Aussie’s brilliant depiction of her nation, a Singporean Facebook client hit back at Truyen, with the pair going into a warmed trade.

Different local people resentful about Truyen’s upheaval were rapidly on his case, finding his work environment – a guide based land gateway in Singapore – and hitting the association’s Facebook page to make their sentiments known.

Quick to abstain from having its own notoriety discolored, the company’s CEO let go of Truyen on Sunday for his “inconsiderate conduct on a Facebook string.” In a post on the organization’s site, the manager apologized for their past employee and encouraged all sides to simply dismiss the matter.

All this as a result of Pokémon Go.

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