Pokemon vs Tinder


It would appear people care more about gaming then they do about relationships. The craze over Pokemon Go has surpassed Tinder in downloads in just a matter of days. Tinder is of course a giant in terms of dating apps so this is no small feat for the Nintendo based company.

SimilarWeb, who is responsible for the data also showed that the game was well on iys way to surpass even Twitter in terms of users. On top of that, the date released also revealed that an astonishing 60% of those with the Pokemon Go install play it daily.

Within just 2 days of being released, it had been installed on just over 5% of all android devices in the US alone. This has caused a spike in Nintendo’s stock to the tune of around 20%.

If your not familiar with the game (you know, in case you were recently rescued from a desert island) it’s an interactive game that pushes its players into the real world to capture various Pokemon.

If you play, be safe.



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