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Qualcomm Versus iPhone


Qualcomm Wants To Ban iPhone Sales In US Market

When two well-known brands go after each other, it can be expected that the fight will greatly affect both businesses and reputation. And that is certainly the case when two of the largest companies in the technology field got entangled in a legal issue. Because just a few days ago, Qualcomm produced a plea to the US government asking them to ban imports and sales of some of the newest iPhone units after they sued the company for infringement.

Just recently, a 177-page complaint was filed by the renowned mobile chip making company in the District Court of San Diego in California where the company’s main office is located. Not only that, Qualcomm also filed the same complaint at the United States International Traditional Condition (ITC), where they accused the Apple company of using their technology without permission to improve Apple’s battery and performance. Not only that, Qualcomm also claimed that iPhone manufacturers weren’t using Qualcomm’s chip processors. And that instead, they were using chips from its competitors.

Because of the infringement complaint they filed, Qualcomm now wants the ITC to check which iPhone models contain copies of their infringed patents and chips from their competitors. The units will then be removed from the market. Qualcomm also seeks to ban imports of iPhone units from abroad to avoid having them being sold in the United States. They also wish that the popular mobile phone company to pay up to the amount of those six patents they infringed from them. According to Don Rosenberg, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel of Qualcomm, Apple continued using their technology without even asking for permission or paying for it. He also added that the move was made to stop the company from using their patented technologies without their consent.

This lawsuit is just the latest in a series of legal battles between the two former partners. It can be recalled that last January, Apple sued Qualcomm for not letting them access the chip technology that the company was developing despite of it being included in their deal. They also filed a second complaint accusing Qualcomm of abusing its top position in the market.

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