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Samsung Cant Save Note7


Weeks after Samsung ultimately pulled the plug in their Galaxy Note 7, the company is still trying to move past it. With an estimated $2.3 billion loss and a tarnished image, the tech giant is keeping their heads up and may already be gearing for the release of another unit. However, new reports showed that the company’s effort to quickly recall every affected Note 7 unit may have caused the biggest hit on them.

According to a recently published Wall Street journal report, Samsung’s first conclusion as to what may have been causing the problem may have not been entirely accurate. It was mentioned that the first diagnosis that the tech giant made regarding malfunctioning batteries may have been the result of an incomplete research. It was also revealed that the reason for Samsun’s quick recall is the company’s desire to do right by their customers and that sped up the research and cut it up to a point where it prevented the company from finding out the real reason.

It can be remembered that over the past few months, the entire world was bombarded by the news of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units. The company acted right away and issued a recall. But even if they did, the incident just kept on happening. That prompted the famous mobile brand to ultimately pull the plug on their product. With an estimated $2.3 billion loss and a tarnished reputation, the company will surely feel the damage in the long run. To make things worse, the report showed that Samsung is still nowhere near to figuring out the real reason behind the nightmare that is their note 7 model.

According to a Samsung spokesperson, they really made a mistake in coming up with the right reason for their problem, but their customer’s safety will always be their priority and so they decided to pull out all units on the market to prevent further unfortunate instances. Now, the whole world has its eyes on their next product which is slated for an early 2017 release.

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