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Samsung Could Topple Apple


The year 2016 was a bad one for the South Korean mobile company. Aside from facing the explosive Galaxy Note 7 issue that almost brought the entire brand down, they also encountered other scandals as well. But less than a year later, Samsung is more than ready to leave it all behind. For a few days ago, the group predicted that they’re going to make the biggest profit and sales to date. In fact, the projected number of profit for their second quarter was so big; Samsung could overtake Apple for the very first time.

Last Friday, Samsung revealed that their recorded profit for the April-June 2017 quarter was 72% percent higher than in the same quarter from last year. The company expects a whopping 14 trillion won, or $12 billion dollars on their operating profit and 60 trillion or $52 billion dollars on their revenue. These massive figures should be enough to beat Apple’s projection of $10.49 billion dollars on profit and $44.9 billion dollars on their sales.

One of the said factors that put Samsung back on top was the recent release of their Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+ units in the market. Though these units are too late to directly contribute to the second quarter’s sales and revenue estimation of the company, they were able to gain the trust of customers who may have decided to stay away from the brand after 2016’s exploding fiasco. Another reason for Samsung’s market takeover is the fact that most of their manufacturing divisions also sell products to other competitors such as Apple.  According to studies made by analysts, Samsung’s component-manufacturing divisions have contributed the biggest parts in the company’s sudden increase of revenue and profit. A statement proven to be true when a report of Samsung being the sole supplier of Apple’s newest OLED Screen Feature – a rumored specification of the upcoming iPhone8- surfaces on the internet.

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