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T-Mobile says it’s now safe to update iOS on iPhone users

T-Mobile had issued a potent warning to its users from updating the new iOS 10 on Thursday. They warned users that updating the new iOS 10 to the three version of iPhone might experience loss of network connectivity. And the only way to reinstate their network connectivity is by shutting down their phone and restarting it. 12 hours later they have annunciated that the glitch causing the bricking problem or losing network connectivity while trying to install the new iOS have been solved by Apple and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone SE users can now upgrade and enjoy the new software.

John Paczkowski apologized to the few customers that experienced the problem and urged them to connect their handsets to iTune to complete the software update. iPhone and iPad users can enjoy new iMessage app, the improved 3D Touch integration, Siri opens up to third party devs, redesigned Apple Map and music apps, Revamped photos app, a fancy Apple’s Homekit. iPhone users can get alerts of the incoming call that might be spam. VoIP gets the call ID and Apple pays on the net linking the iOS TouchID. The iOS can now host new features like dark mode, control center, the full-screen notification with an easy way of deleting native systems applications. Customer satisfaction is always the first priority of Apple and it makes sure it provide safe, secure high-quality tech product.

Backup iPhone iPad before you update from iOS 9 to iOS 10.iPhone user that had already upgraded to iOS without the updated patch can now going to the settings, then general and finally, click the About to install the fix. The same goes to those that had not download, going to the Setting, click General and then Software Update.

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