The Drawback Of iPhone SE


After the release of the most sought out model of Apple, the iPhone SE has encountered a limitless drawback from its users, leaving  a not so good impression. People are now reconsidering the said device, and planning to switch over to a more detailed one.

Aside from having an average screen, most recent complaints about the device was the poor front-facing camera. The 1.2 MP camera failed to deliver great results compared to its predecessors, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. While some users disregard the design (which happens to be same as the old iPhone 5S) classifying the said model has been difficult due to its exact exterior of the previous phone. It doesn’t have the smoother feeling compared to the big ones. In most cases, though it has been announced to come up with a good feature catered from the latest models of Apple, it still has a 16GB starting storage that made it not-so impressive.

The SE also lacks in the barometer, which can affect some applications and causes it to stop running. It can also easily fill up your phone due to its limited storage that will make you delete some apps.  While some people prefer it small, the SE is more prone to slipping. It reduced the feeling of comfortability when it comes to typing and reading texts. Some also find it very struggling to handle due to the 4-inch screen and it is also annoying for some users who loves to use their phones for gaming purposes.

Despite being the latest and affordable smart phone in the Apple line-up, the SE lacks the 3D touch, which means a lesser integration of a newly upgraded navigation tool app. Aside from that, it does not support a solid foundation of top batteries and that has been a deal breaker for most of its users. And when it comes to its $399.99 SRP, most people say it is a bit pricey for a refined internal smart phone.

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