The LG V20


4 Reasons Why the LG V20 is the Next Big Thing

The new LG phone is launched. This new phone, the LG V20, is dubbed as the amped up version of the G5 in terms of processing capability. Some people say that this phone could be your next main phone once released. Here are the reasons why:

  1. A myriad of camera features. The LG V20 boasts various camera features that make it fun, as well as practical. With this phone, you have 8 vintage filters to choose from and you can also use these filters while video recording. The 16MP rear-facing cam and the 8MP front cam both offer panorama shots, time-lapse, and slow-motion videos. Optional Popout feature is available, which allows you to customize the background complete with effects.
  2. A Hi-Fi Audio. The LG V20 could be everything an audiophile may need. Why? Because it has 32-bit Quad DAC, which offers a stellar audio output, especially when using headphones. Not only that, it makes everything recorder on the device better-sounding, compared to the video audios of other smartphones. It can even allow you to record loud sounds of up to 132 decibels, now you can record your favorite band’s concert and not get annoyed with the sound quality.
  3. Runs in Android Nougat 7.0. The latest Android software, the Nougat 7.0, runs the V20. It is the pioneer in non-Nexus phones that have Nougat. Plus, it has multi-window multitasking capacity, direct message reply, and smart battery consumption.
  4. Removable battery. It may seem a little outdated because removable batteries are becoming a rarity these days. However, we all know how life can be easier if the batteries of your phone can be removed (imagine spare batteries, etc.) But, don’t worry about your perfect manicure, since the LG V20 has an eject button that allows easy release of the back panel.

With these features, plus more to discover, the LG V20 is now becoming the new dream phone.

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