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Twitter launches a new app for streaming live video on Apple TV and Amazon

On September 14 Twitter launched a new Twitter app for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Microsoft’s Xbox that will allow all users to have a better experience of Twitter. The user that wants to view live stream video on Twitter will now be able to do watch from their living their rooms.

This new application will allow viewers to watch premium videos available on twitter including live streams of MLB advanced media, Bloomberg News, Thursday Night of 10 NFL football games, NBA, Cheddar, Pac 12 Network, Campus insider, Top tweets and top global Periscope and vine. In addition to bringing forth Thursday night show for Apple TV, will stream live games on its and its CBS app. Version is also offering phone streaming through NFL app. The verge was accounted on Wednesday

Twitter gave a statement that the app will be available to users that don’t have a pay-TV subscription or a twitter account.  Users will be able to use and log in to twitter on Xbox, Fire TV, and Apple TV. The app will enable users to access premium live videos and through seamless side-by-side tweeted video, they will be able to view multiple video clips. The app is free and available in a worldwide scope in the Apple TV App Store. Twitter will be available on Xbox in Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and the United States. For Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick users will be available in the United Kingdom and the United States.

They are agitated to annunciate this new experience to Twitter users without having to call into Twitter or calling for a pay wall. Twitter has tried its best effort to boost the availability of video content to people, having a recently reduced rate of share percentage over the past years.

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