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Unlocked HTC 10


It’s not often we see an unlocked phone released. But with the HTC 10 that’s exaxctly the situation.

As the company continues its seemingly endless downward market plunge they have decided to release a fully unlocked version of their flagship device, the HTC 10. Mr. Jeff Gordon form the company stated that this will indeed be released to the States and will be open to most carriers, a bold move to say the least..

The Taiwanese company plans on shipping the new unlocked version as early as this week, but Sprint and T-Mobile may not be on board.

Mind you this is excellent news for AT&T who wanted the 10 in the first place, since AT&T chose not to sell it. But now those lucky customers and buy  the unlocked version, pop in their AT&T sim and they’re ready to rock, roll, text and talk.


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