Upgrade to iOS 10?

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Should You Upgrade to Apple iOS 10?

Apple iOS 10 has finally been launched and it is one of the biggest iOS updates to date.  It was released to the public on the 13th of September 2016. Many users ran into difficulty trying to install the upgrade due to the software fault. If you are asking yourself whether to upgrade to iOS 10 or not, let’s take a look to help you make the right decision.

IOS 10 is suitable for iPad mini 2 or later, iPad 4th generation or later iPhone 5 or later. Users can update it by going to software update under the category of general settings. IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will ship in on 16th September with pre-installed iOS 10 software.

Apple iOS 10 offers new upgraded features to iPhone and iPad users, including refreshed widgets, improved integration of 3D touch, refreshed design, enhanced Siri, new Apple Music, richer notification, a Home app for HomeKit among other features.

Although some users have reported bricking issues with their Apple device after updating the iOS 10 there are some new features worth upgrading it including;

  • HomeKit and new Home app that suffices as a control area for all compatible Home Kit accessories installed on the phone. No matter the type of 3rd party application installed on your phone you can control all of them with one hub. It also helps you set the environment for movie night or a romantic dinner.
  • Siri improvement- Apple has solicited inscrutable neural network to bring in a smarter Siri, with the improved interpretation of voice and improved responses. The Siri virtual assistant comes with an integrated Siri control to manage third party applications like Uber, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • iMessage Application comes in with new Emoji enhancement, custom, and gifts animation, invisible ink for expiring message, handwritten notes, and images are integrated directly to into chats. With this updated feature you can send your heartbeats and use Digital Touch.
  • Apple confirms to have re-engineered the experience of the lock screen. Accepting invitations, staying in a message conversation, responding to messages has been easier all on the lock screen.’
  • The iOS 10 will have a voicemail transcription that converts voicemails left on the phone of text so you can view and the message without having to listen to it. It also warns you of voicemail spammers.
  • Quick Type- The iOS 10 will support multilingual typing, users won’t have to switch keyboards. Apple has added the Siri intelligence to the phone’s keyboard that will provide more relevant and suitable suggestions when typing.
  • Users will now be able to disable or enable read receipts which you can change it per group or contact. Live photos will also feature the stabilization of images to make them clearer. Maps are more advanced and designed with an easier control to filter and sub-filter location. It also downloads automatically albums added to Apple music.

Apple confirmed to have solved the bricking problem, so users can now enjoy and relish the new improved features of iOS 10.



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